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We have a bold prediction: text recruiting will be one of the top tools used by successful recruiters this year. Text recruiting is a proven strategy for increasing your reach, upping engagement, and improving the odds that your offer will be accepted. Here are three ways texting candidates will improve your recruiting in 2022. 

1. Reduced Time-to-Hire

The average time-to-hire in healthcare is pretty abysmal. For every open position, recruiters spend an average of almost fifty days looking for candidates, conducting interviews, and making offers. 

That lengthy timeline just doesn’t work for such a competitive industry. Effective hiring is the best way you, as an employer, can fight the current talent shortage. With many businesses competing for the same talent, it’s vital to send your offer letters as quickly as you can. And that’s exactly what makes texting candidates so important. Americans check their phones 96 times a day. In other words, once every ten minutes. Hours or days might pass before your candidates see and respond to your emails, but a text message is much harder to ignore. Texting candidates is one step toward making the hiring process easy for applicants to navigate.

2. More Accessible Recruitment

By texting candidates, you’re not only speeding up your process. You’re also probably reaching more applicants.

While 93% of Americans use wifi in some capacity, a full 97% own a cell phone. The number of people who have their own broadband connection is much smaller—and Americans who earn less are far less likely to use wifi at home or own a computer. 

Among Americans who earn less than $30,000 a year, about 27% only use a smartphone to access the internet at home. That number drops steadily as you look at higher income brackets. For people who earn $30,000 to $49,000, about 19% use smartphones but don’t have wifi. For people who earn $50,000 or more, that number drops down to 6%.

What’s the takeaway here? Mobile recruiting is a better choice if you’re trying to connect with people from all income levels. If your recruiting efforts are hard to access on mobile, you’re going to wind up inadvertently favoring candidates with higher incomes. 

3. Stronger Candidate Engagement

Candidate engagement is an important part of the recruiting process, but it can be easy to neglect when you’re struggling to hire high-volume roles in a timely manner. But candidate engagement can make the difference between hiring your top-choice candidates or losing them to competitors

IBM research has found candidates who have a positive and engaging application experience are 38% more likely to accept a job offer. But 63% of job seekers also say that employers fail to keep them updated about their application status. Engagement matters to candidates, and too many employers are failing to deliver. 

With candidate texting, you can introduce more touchpoints and easily keep applicants apprised of their status. This is even simpler if you’re using text recruiting software that lets you send out messages automatically. Most healthcare workers don’t spend their days checking their email. If they’re working on the floor, it’s much easier to respond to a text than an email.

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Technology That Makes Candidate Texting Easy

With the right text recruiting software, you can increase (and even automate) candidate engagement. 

The right software solution should offer a couple of important features. First, it should be securely encrypted, since you’re dealing with personal contact information. Second, it should let you save standard message templates for easy use and a more consistent professional voice. And finally, it should maintain a history of your messages so you can easily see where you stand with individual applicants.

If you want even more communication features, consider a full-service platform like Apploi. Apploi offers unlimited candidate texting and workflow automation, so you can send applicants messages whenever their status is updated, with no extra work on your part.

Engage Talent With Apploi

Apploi is on a mission to help healthcare recruit, hire, and manage talent more successfully. We help employers control their brand and engage applicants through unlimited communication, branded career pages, instant job post distribution, and a painless application experience. 

Interested in learning more about how you can recruit, hire, and onboard healthcare staff quickly? Contact us today for a free demo of our end-to-end talent management solution.

Melanie Boroosan

Over her six years in healthcare administration, Melanie has managed human resources, legal, compliance, payroll, and recruitment efforts at a corporate level. This oversight granted her a deep appreciation for the unique needs of healthcare managers, and for the direct ways that business operations affect the wellbeing of each employee. As Apploi’s Director of Healthcare Innovation, Melanie draws from her experience in healthcare HR and ancillary long-term care to pursue a vision of holistic healthcare staffing. Her work is rooted in the knowledge that great care begins with improving quality of life for all healthcare workers.