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Apploi Schedule

Take charge with efficient scheduling

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Easy Scheduling

Break free from the last minute scramble to fill shifts using dated systems such as Excel, call lists, or pen and paper.

Apploi Schedule provides easy-to-use scheduling that builds rotations within minutes and automates the communication of open shifts across multiple contracts - full time, temporary, per diem, and agency staff.

Optimize Your Labor Spend

Cross-location Staff Sharing

Lower your dependency on agency workers to fill last minute shifts. Tap into new and existing staffing pools to cover shifts at the lowest cost.

Selective shift offering

Limit your shift offering to staff who aren’t close to working overtime or haven’t been recently added to the schedule.

Shared labor across locations

Offer shifts to staff from another location within your company.

Agency integrations

Connect your agency partners to your schedule and assign shifts as needed.

Labor Dashboards

Leaders often lack visibility into the cost of external agencies and budget allocation across internal vs external staff. Gain insight with robust dashboards to make decisions that maximize your budget.

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