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Interactive Calculator

Lower Agency Spend Calculator

What do your open roles cost you? With this interactive tool, calculate:

  • The cost of covering your open roles with contract workers
  • Your estimated cost of hiring permanent workers
  • How much you could save by attracting permanent vs. contract workers

Free Glossary

Healthcare Hiring Glossary

Download our free glossary of frequently used healthcare recruiting and hiring terms. With this glossary, you can:

  • Sharpen your knowledge of industry terms
  • Feel comfortable speaking the language of healthcare hiring

Free Infographic

Ten Ways to Retain Workers in Your Skilled Nursing Facility

Many healthcare roles struggle with high rates of turnover, but there are ways to improve your retention.

Here are ten steps to help build a strong and lasting relationship with your current workers.

Free Template

Job Description Templates

Download free templates for RN, CNA, and LPN job descriptions.

  • Attract candidates with effective job posts
  •  Create clear and compelling job summaries
  •  Break down key duties and benefits

Free Tool

Social Media Post Generator for Open Roles

Post open jobs to your social media within seconds. This tool can:

  •  Automatically generate posts for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter
  •  Create clear and effective job post copy within seconds

Free Interactive Tool

Sample Recruitment Workflow

See how you can use automation to save your team time and resources. We cover how you can automate steps when you are planning:

  • Internal hiring
  • Multi-channel hiring
  • Hiring with employee referrals

Free Glossary

Terminology Every Skilled Nursing Employer Should Know

Whether you’re new to nursing home HR, or you’ve been in the field for a long time, we hope this glossary can help guide you through HR-relevant healthcare terminology.

Free Infographic

The Top Compliance Issues to Watch in 2022

If you receive funding from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), you need to stay abreast of compliance updates in order to maintain your funding. But regulations change routinely, and new requirements can be frustratingly imprecise.

Here are the top issues to watch.

Free Checklist

Your Free Onboarding Checklist for Skilled Nursing Facility Roles

Create an effective onboarding process with this free checklist. Learn how to:

  • Kickstart onboarding before the candidate walks through your door
  • Help new workers succeed with a warm, informative first week
  • Improve retention with ongoing support

Free Infographic

5 Ways to Reduce Time-to-Hire

Download our free infographic to access:

  •  Recruitment marketing guidance to make your jobs easy to find
  •  Tips for stronger candidate communication
  •  Our comprehensive hiring process checklist