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Stand Out on Indeed

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Stand Out on Indeed

Thanks to a critical labor shortage, healthcare hiring is more competitive than ever and employers need to be able to stand out on large job platforms like Indeed.

But with so many of your competitors using Indeed to recruit candidates, having a strong strategy in place is essential so your listings don’t get lost in the noise.

By leveraging best practices for recruiting healthcare workers, employers can more effectively stand out from the competition and beat the labor shortage.

Follow our 8 tips for healthcare employers to help you stand out on Indeed.

Tip #1

Create Quality Job Descriptions

Job descriptions can make or break your recruitment strategy. In fact, 52% of job seekers say the quality of a job description significantly influences their decision to apply to a role.

Job post language choice, formatting, readability, and length all have the power to attract the right candidates —or drive them away.

Keeping healthcare workers in mind when writing quality job descriptions is key to standing out on Indeed.

Check out our video on creating eye-catching job descriptions.

Tip #2

Differentiate Your Facility

Healthcare workers want to know about the role they’re applying for; but they also want to know who they’ll be working for. 

According to LinkedIn, 75% of job seekers consider an employer’s brand before they even apply to a job. By presenting your company and treating your employees well, you can hire and retain healthcare workers more effectively.

Stand out from other healthcare employers by making it clear why you’re the best fit for your ideal candidates.

Check out our video on showcasing your employer brand.

Tip #3

Sponsor Your Jobs

Standing out as an employer can be a challenge, especially on a platform where millions of new jobs are posted every day.

Luckily, Indeed has a solution: Sponsored Jobs. This feature allows you to increase your visibility and get in front of more job seekers. Sponsored jobs also deliver 80% more qualified applicants on average than non-sponsored jobs.

Improve your reach by sponsoring jobs on Indeed. Check out our video on how to stand out with Sponsored Jobs.

Tip #4

Make It Easy For Candidates To Apply

Job hunting can be a long and tedious process, but applying to your open role shouldn’t be. The easier you can make submitting an application, the more applicants you’ll attract.

Indeed’s Easy Apply feature helps candidates submit applications in just a few clicks, increasing your reach and potentially decreasing time-to-hire.

Attract your ideal candidates with a quick and easy application process.

Check out our video on leveraging Indeed’s Easy Apply feature.

Tip #5

Leverage Screener Questions

Feel like you’re constantly sifting through tons of unqualified candidates? Sometimes, it’s better to focus on quality over quantity.

Screener questions can help you identify ideal candidates and weed out the ones who don’t meet your criteria. With Apploi, you can tailor screener questions and streamline recruitment.

Increase the quality of your candidates, and decrease time-to-hire, with targeted screener questions on your job applications.

Check out our video on creating and optimizing screener questions for Indeed.

Tip #6

Be Listed as a Responsive Employer

No job seeker wants to be ghosted when they apply for a job. On Indeed, you can get rewarded for being communicative with candidates with their Responsive Employer badge.

Being listed as a Responsive Employer makes you look more trustworthy to prospective applicants and encourages them to apply with you.

Stand out as a communicative, caring employer on Indeed.

Check out our video on achieving Responsive Employer status.

Tip #7

Be Transparent About Salary

Pay transparency is key to attracting quality candidates and is now mandatory in some states and on job platforms like Indeed. 

According to SHRM, 82% of U.S. workers would consider applying to a job if the pay range was listed.

Including pay ranges in job postings helps foster trust and positions you as a caring healthcare employer.

Set yourself up for success by including salary information in your job postings.

Check out our video on adding pay ranges to Indeed postings.

Tip #8

Partner with Platinum ATS Partners

Hiring effectively is hard to do alone, but partnering with the right recruiting platform can help.

To stand out on Indeed, look for an applicant tracking system with Indeed Platinum Partner status. These brand partners have access to unique Indeed integrations and features.

Get an Indeed ATS Platinum Partner on your side today.

Check out our video about Apploi’s ATS Platinum Partner status and how it can help you improve your hiring efforts on Indeed

Standing Out on Indeed with Apploi

Hiring for healthcare is a challenge. But Apploi is committed to helping you simplify the process and solve your staffing shortages.

From tips for quality job descriptions to working with you as an Indeed Platinum ATS Partner, our goal is to help you hire better on Indeed.

Apploi’s all-in-one platform for healthcare employers offers:

  • Mobile optimized applications
  • Branded career pages and other employer branding tools
  • 1-click Apply feature
  • Sponsored posts
  • Indeed Partnership ATS integrations
  • And more

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