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Branded Career Pages

Apploi’s attractive, professional career pages integrate seamlessly with your brand. These mobile-friendly landing pages are designed to convert you ideal candidates.

Communication Templates

Save your team time and align your company’s messaging with pre-written, expert-made templates for texts and emails.

Stronger Interviews

With interview guides made by healthcare hiring experts, you can move your candidates through the process quickly and effectively—while ensuring you get all the information you need.

Capture interest quickly

From search to schedule

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Job Board Partnerships

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Apploi Schedule gives us a better handle on agency usage and major decrease in staff frustration

Amanda KaczrouskeAdministrator, Crossroads Care Center

We quadrupled the amount of applicants that we were getting, while we were spending a fraction of the cost.

Yaakov K

Every team member on Apploi’s side understands where the last one left off. That has made the customer experience very helpful.

Ari Stawis

What I like about Apploi is that it is simple. I love that you can have pre-populated emails, text messages, even job descriptions so when you’re writing a job ad, you can pull it from the templates that you’ve created.

Kristin McBrideCorporate Director of Communication & Employee Development, Panacea Health Corp Company

"Finding top candidates is a challenge — with Apploi we achieve that"

Steven BrickAdministrator, Family of Caring Tenafly

My favorite feature is the text feature. We have not been able to reach so many people in real-time with any other system.

Robin ManigaultHR Director, Aventura Health Group

We use Apploi to keep track of the hundreds of applicants from different job posts. Historically, we would send a lot of emails back and forth but we lost a lot of insight and context this way. Now we have one easy, centralized location to handle all of the hiring and onboarding process.

Yosef MendelsbergVP of Operations, Onyx Procurement Solutions

FAQs About Our Recruitment Marketing Software

What is recruitment marketing?

Recruitment marketing is the set of strategies that employers can use to build their company’s reputation, connect with a larger number of candidates, and ensure that job posts gain traction.

What do recruitment marketing tools do?

Recruitment marketing software automates many of your recruiting tasks. A platform like Apploi can help you boost and sponsor your job posts, create branded career pages, and standardize communications across multiple platforms.

What are the benefits of using recruitment marketing tools?

Recruitment marketing software offers easily customizable solutions that greatly reduce the effort needed by your team. With consistent use, recruitment marketing can increase the number and quality of candidates who find your posts, strengthen your brand, and boost your reputation.