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FAQs About How to Manage Healthcare Teams

What is a scheduling system in a healthcare organization?

A healthcare scheduling system is any program specifically used to manage healthcare workers’ schedules. Ideally, this system should include temporary and contract workers, although many systems only deal with permanent staff.

What is the best way to schedule employees?

There are many ways to schedule staff. In healthcare, the best way to schedule employees is by using a scheduling system that lets you see all employees, including temporary and agency staff, and easily move them across shifts and locations. Another helpful method is shift bidding, where workers log onto a platform and register their interest in a specific shift.

Some healthcare employers manage schedules manually, with a calendar or a spreadsheet. A scheduling system can help prevent the errors that often occur with a manual approach.

How do you manage credentials in healthcare?

The easiest way to manage healthcare credentials is by using license verification software that connects automatically to your digital employee files. This will make it possible for you to update credentials in your employee management platform and quickly see that all licenses are up to date.

Whether you are managing healthcare credentials automatically or manually, you will need to begin by verifying your employees’ licenses at the time of hire. You can typically do this through an online database maintained by your state’s medical board. For all staff, you will need to track expiration dates to ensure everyone who is scheduled to work has a valid license.