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Improve your new hire experience

Efficient Onboarding

Avoid messy paperwork by easily transferring candidate information to a new online employee profile.

Standardized Processes

Collect and store key documents through a standardized onboarding process. Stay compliant by getting all the information you need right away—every time.

Better Candidate Engagement

Prevent no-shows with digital onboarding. Engage candidates before their first day, and automatically remind new hires of key tasks.

From search to schedule

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We quadrupled the amount of applicants that we were getting, while we were spending a fraction of the cost.

Yaakov K

Every team member on Apploi’s side understands where the last one left off. That has made the customer experience very helpful.

Ari Stawis

My favorite feature is the text feature. We have not been able to reach so many people in real-time with any other system.

Robin ManigaultHR Director, Aventura Health Group

One time I posted an ad and didn't get a lot of hits. Someone from Apploi called me and said 'Hey, I noticed you're not getting a lot of resumes.' They suggested I reword it to make it more attractive to the candidate, and I thought that was amazing that they called me.

Shoshana EpsteinCOO, Genesis Renal Care

We use Apploi to keep track of the hundreds of applicants from different job posts. Historically, we would send a lot of emails back and forth but we lost a lot of insight and context this way. Now we have one easy, centralized location to handle all of the hiring and onboarding process.

Yosef MendelsbergVP of Operations, Onyx Procurement Solutions

What I like about Apploi is that it is simple. I love that you can have pre-populated emails, text messages, even job descriptions so when you’re writing a job ad, you can pull it from the templates that you’ve created.

Kristin McBrideCorporate Director of Communication & Employee Development, Panacea Health Corp Company

Connect your software for one staffing ecosystem

Background Checks


Onboarding Paperwork

FAQs About Our Healthcare Onboarding Software

Why is onboarding important in healthcare?

Onboarding sets the tone for a new hire’s entire employment. Receiving proper documentation is crucial when it comes to staying compliant. Onboarding also provides an important first impression, and ensures all employees are ready to provide optimal patient care.

What are the KPIs for onboarding?

There are many ways to assess the success of an onboarding program. Have you received all necessary documentation to remain compliant? Are employees reporting a smooth onboarding process to their managers? Has retention increased since implementing a new onboarding initiative? All of these questions can help you understand what you’re doing well—and where you need to improve.

What should I look for in healthcare onboarding software?

The best healthcare onboarding software cuts through the red tape. It should be intuitive to use, designed specifically for the healthcare industry, and easily integrated with the rest of your onboarding and management process. It should also come with a savvy customer success team, so you can have a frictionless change while transitioning to new software.

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