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Candidate Engagement Platform for Healthcare

Fill Roles Quickly

Don’t let vacancies hurt your operations. Get top healthcare candidates intrigued and excited about your roles.
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The HR platform trusted by more than 8,000 healthcare facilities

Candidate Engagement Tools That Nurture Meaningful Relationships

Connect With Candidates on Multiple Platforms

Reach candidates anywhere. With unlimited email, texting, and social media promotion, you’ll be able to keep top applicants engaged and excited.

Hire Faster and Stop Losing Candidates to Competitors

Healthcare employers can’t afford to take their feet off the gas. But that doesn’t mean you need to exhaust yourself and your team. Apploi’s automated recruitment marketing speeds up your hiring process while reducing manual work.

Improve Your Employer Reputation and Get More Acceptances

Boost your brand with quicker, professional candidate communications. Save and revise communication templates to ensure your voice is consistent across channels.

All the Tools You Need For Faster Recruiting

Automated Workflows

Reaching out to candidates, scheduling interviews, sending offer letters, running background checks—there’s no reason for all this work to be manual. Set up workflow automations with Apploi and get time back.

Choose the steps you want to automate, and customize down to the minute. You choose the timeline and the workflow—whether you’re sending interview reminders two days before a meeting, or sending a thank you note immediately after receiving an application.

Simplified Interview Scheduling

With Apploi’s Calendly integration, you can automatically invite candidates to schedule an interview session directly on your calendar. Automatically send interview requests as quickly as five minutes after receiving an application.

See your interview schedule as soon as you log into the Apploi platform. And don’t worry about candidates forgetting, either. Just set up automatic reminders to keep upcoming interviews top of mind.

Mobile-friendly Recruiting

Attract Candidates With 1-Click Apply

Apploi’s mobile-friendly, 1-click applications make it easier for candidates to apply—and easier for employers to attract the best.

Make it incredibly simple for candidates to submit applications, even if they’re on the move. Applicants don’t need to create an account or sign into any platform. All they have to do is click.

Reach Candidates on Mobile Devices

Improve application rates with text and email marketing campaigns, driven by guidance from our onsite industry experts. With unlimited messages, you can run entirely digital outreach campaigns, getting candidates’ attention even on their busiest days.

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We quadrupled the amount of applicants that we were getting, while we were spending a fraction of the cost.

Yaakov K

Every team member on Apploi’s side understands where the last one left off. That has made the customer experience very helpful.

Ari Stawis

My favorite feature is the text feature. We have not been able to reach so many people in real-time with any other system.

Robin ManigaultHR Director, Aventura Health Group

One time I posted an ad and didn't get a lot of hits. Someone from Apploi called me and said 'Hey, I noticed you're not getting a lot of resumes.' They suggested I reword it to make it more attractive to the candidate, and I thought that was amazing that they called me.

Shoshana EpsteinCOO, Genesis Renal Care

We use Apploi to keep track of the hundreds of applicants from different job posts. Historically, we would send a lot of emails back and forth but we lost a lot of insight and context this way. Now we have one easy, centralized location to handle all of the hiring and onboarding process.

Yosef MendelsbergVP of Operations, Onyx Procurement Solutions

What I like about Apploi is that it is simple. I love that you can have pre-populated emails, text messages, even job descriptions so when you’re writing a job ad, you can pull it from the templates that you’ve created.

Kristin McBrideCorporate Director of Communication & Employee Development, Panacea Health Corp Company

Partnerships That Help You Hire Efficiently


Calendly is a simple scheduling software that eliminates the old-school way of using email and phone schedule appointments, interviews, and more.


Indeed is the #1 job site in the world with over 250 million unique visitors every month. Jobs posted through Apploi automatically benefit from Indeed’s industry-best Easy Apply feature.

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FAQs About Candidate Engagement Platforms

What is a candidate engagement program?

A candidate engagement program is a strategy to encourage applicants to stay interested in open jobs. Typically, a candidate engagement program will include several touchpoints, with calls to action encouraging candidates to take further steps in the hiring process.

How can I improve candidate experience and engagement?

The most common reason candidates get frustrated during the application process is lack of communication from their potential employer. The best way to improve candidate experience and engagement is to send your applicants more updates about their application status and next steps—and the easiest way to do this is through workflow automation.

How do you engage candidates virtually?

Virtual hiring has many opportunities for candidate engagement. Some of the most powerful ways to engage candidates virtually include sending them application updates through text and email; prompting them to complete screening questions and license verification online; and asking them to respond to candidate experience surveys.

What recruitment strategies are most effective in healthcare?

The greatest issue facing most healthcare employers is an excessively long hiring period, either due to a shortage of candidates or a poor internal process. Qualified candidates are limited, and in high demand. Unsurprisingly, businesses that can make offers quickly are also typically the most successful and well-staffed. In general, the single most effective recruiting strategy for healthcare employers is to focus on developing a faster hiring process.