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Healthcare recruiters are dealing with a lot of moving pieces. The demand for nurses outstrips the number of candidates actually looking for jobs, and many employers are struggling to diversify their workforce with industry newcomers. Short of bringing new workers into the industry, the most important thing recruiters can do is to hire faster. In our free Digital HR Playbook, we review one key factor to help you speed up your hiring and find nurses: single-click applications. 

What Do We Mean By 1-Click Apply?

Single-click or 1-click apply is a feature that allows job-seekers to submit themselves for consideration by pressing just one button. It’s a prevalent recruiting tactic on job sites like ZipRecruiter and LinkedIn. With 77% of recruiters using LinkedIn, job-seekers are definitely getting used to mobile applications and 1-click apply. 

Single-click apply has a major edge when it comes to efficient recruiting, but it’s not, of course, the most exhaustive way to screen a candidate. Job openings that are posted this way often skip cover letters, references, or other supplementary materials, at least until later. Although some 1-click applications do include pre-screening questions, in general, this strategy is best for high-volume roles where qualifications will be apparent in the resume.

Why Find Nurses With 1-Click Apply?

With its speedy process, mobile-friendliness, and wide appeal, 1-click apply is an invaluable tool for recruiting nurses. 

It’s uniquely suited to healthcare recruiting

The reason 1-click applications work so well in healthcare is that they align with the industry’s needs. The most common complaint about 1-click apply is that it allows candidates to send out huge numbers of applications but doesn’t increase their chances of landing a job. In healthcare, though, the situation is different. The industry is experiencing a talent shortage, and actually losing roles right now. Employers are actively competing for qualified applicants, and chances are high that a strong candidate will find a job successfully. The biggest issue for healthcare recruiters is reaching these candidates rapidly, before they accept a job somewhere else. Your recruiting speed is key to your success, and 1-click apply will help you step on the gas. 

It makes your applications accessible to more diverse job-seekers

The pandemic and resulting burnout have affected all healthcare workers, but especially those who are also primary caregivers in their own families. The convenience of 1-click apply works in favor of applicants who are busy with other jobs or domestic commitments. Single-click applications are typically easy to complete on mobile devices, which makes it possible for candidates to send in an application between shifts, on the bus, or while caring for children. By making it easier for anyone to apply, you’re taking one step toward an equity strategy that will help you both recruit and retain diverse talent.

It’s friendly to industry newcomers

Despite the talent shortage, first-time nurses often struggle to land their very first job and may find that businesses hesitate to take a chance on a short or non-specialized CV. If we want to address the nursing shortage, this attitude isn’t sustainable. We need to recruit new workers into healthcare—not just recruit from other facilities. By implementing 1-click apply, you focus on speed and ease and make it clear that you won’t require a bunch of qualifications that new job-seekers don’t have.

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Find Nurses Quicker With Apploi

Apploi is on a mission to help healthcare recruit, hire, and manage talent more successfully. We give employers more control over their brand by making hiring simple and painless for both candidates and managers. 

Interested in learning more about how you can recruit, hire, and onboard healthcare staff quickly? Contact us today for a free demo of our end-to-end talent management solution.

Jenny Ortiz

Jenny Ortiz is a strategic marketer with over 15 years of experience in creative, marketing, and advertising. She specializes in developing best-in-class solutions around media diversification, employer brand, candidate journeys, and engagement in order to help healthcare companies attract top talent. Outside of the office, she is an advanced open water scuba diver and a lover of international travel, and enjoys spending quality time with friends and family.