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Summary of September Healthcare BLS Numbers

Job growth continues to slow across most industries, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics September jobs report. For healthcare, this slowing job growth is turning into actual job losses. For the second month in a row, healthcare experienced a net loss of jobs, with nursing and residential care facilities taking the biggest hit. Overall, healthcare lost 18,000 jobs in September. 

Healthcare Employment at a Glance

Ambulatory care saw the most growth of any healthcare profession, adding about 28,200 roles last month according to the September jobs report. Home health agencies also added jobs (8,200), along with dentist offices (4,100), physicians offices (400), other healthcare offices (10,500), outpatient care centers (2,500), and medical and diagnostic labs (900).

On the flip side, nursing and residential care facilities lost around 37,600 positions. Hospitals also lost 8,100 jobs, despite leading job gains in August. 

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What Healthcare Organizations Should Prioritize in the Coming Months

The BLS September report makes it clear that healthcare hiring is still in trouble. Here are the steps you can take in the coming months to handle industry-wide challenges. 

Refresh Your Employer Branding

Manage the competitive nature of healthcare hiring by digging into your employer branding. The term “employer brand” essentially refers to your reputation as an employer. This is impacted by your marketing, your public image, and candidates’ experience working with you. By working on your employer branding you can take control of your reputation and understand why candidates may want (or not want) to work for you. Check out our employer branding guide for more information.

Survey Employees for Satisfaction

One of the most important components of employer branding is actually supporting your employees’ happiness. Give staff members the chance to submit anonymous feedback about their experience in your organization, and use this information to better understand pain points, reasons for turnover, and how your employees are likely representing your business to their friends. Listening and responding to feedback is often an important part of a strong healthcare retention strategy.

Keep Up Your Hiring Speed

Even without the complications brought on by COVID-19 and recent vaccine mandates, healthcare is facing serious candidate shortages. The state of hiring is in flux, but even during uncertain times, you can take steps to keep your hiring process is quick and efficient. Make sure you’re distributing your jobs to the right sites, and monitor your hiring process for any potentially wasted time that could cost you qualified candidates.

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