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9 Best Strategies for Healthcare Recruitment Marketing 

Posting a job can feel like yelling in space. There’s life out there, somewhere, but will it be able to find you? Thankfully, recruitment marketing makes it a lot easier to attract not just any candidates, but your ideal candidates. The best recruitment marketing strategies combine digital and traditional efforts, bringing in candidates from a wide range of channels. 

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What Is Recruitment Marketing? 

Recruitment marketing is the process of showing potential candidates that your company is an enticing place to work. Recruitment marketers use both traditional and digital marketing strategies to promote their jobs. Let’s look at each of those strategies in depth. 

What Is Digital Healthcare Recruitment Marketing? 

Digital recruitment marketing involves social media marketing, targeted ads, SEO optimized recruitment content, and more. In other words, digital recruitment marketing is the use of technology to increase awareness of your brand and open positions. Ultimately, digital recruitment marketing can help you attract qualified candidates. 

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What Is Traditional Recruitment Marketing? 

Traditional recruitment marketing might seem old school in the digital age, but it’s still deeply effective. Flyers, print ads, bulletin boards, and business cards can all be part of a traditional marketing strategy. 

Traditional marketing won’t replace digital marketing any time soon (or vice versa). Rather, they’re just a different set of tools in your arsenal. 

Should I Use Digital Or Traditional Marketing Tactics? 

Combine digital and traditional marketing tactics for the best results. While digital marketing can have an enormous reach, traditional advertising methods can be trustworthy, and feel refreshing in an oversaturated digital space. In fact, MarketingSherpa reports that most people trust print advertising most out of all marketing formats. Other traditional marketing tactics, such as television advertising, direct mail advertising, and radio advertising, follow close behind.  

Digital marketing can reach huge audiences around the country (and world) in a way that traditional marketing can’t. But traditional marketing still has an important place in your recruitment marketing plan. You can use traditional marketing strategies to source new candidates, remind employees about employee referral programs and in-house training programs, and more. Traditional marketing is targeted in a way that even the best digital marketing isn’t—when you post a flyer at a local coffee shop, you know that it’ll reach people in the immediate vicinity. Here are the best traditional marketing strategies for your healthcare recruitment initiative. 

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9 Key Strategies for Healthcare Recruitment Marketing 

1. Posters, Flyers, and More 

Posters and flyers can help you reach people in their daily lives, as they pick up groceries, go to the gym, and run errands. They’re especially effective for reaching local candidates, who won’t have to deal with the logistics of moving to your location. 

Once made, posters can also be repurposed into social media posts, newsletters, and even targeted ads to use as part of your digital marketing campaign. 

2.Use QR Codes

A QR code is a design of black and white squares that can be scanned in order to take the viewer to a specific website. Use QR codes to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds. With QR codes, employees can see a poster or flyer in the wild and immediately check out your job post or career page on their phone. It doesn’t matter where they encounter your marketing initiative—they can be on your website within minutes. 

3. Repeat Yourself 

Your ideal candidates are busy. Candidates may catch a glimpse of your advertisement at the library but not have time to apply on the spot.. Even if they remember your open positions, they could easily forget to apply over the course of their day. 

But if they see the post again, at another location or online, they’ll be more likely to remember and apply. 

4. Take Time to Develop a Brand

Did you know that companies who put time and money into employer branding are more likely to make a successful hire? Three times more likely, in fact. 

In other words, aesthetics matter. You’re far more likely to call the information on a well-designed and professional flier than you are to call a number scrawled on a telephone pole. Take time to make your materials aesthetically pleasing, and ensure that there are no typos or grammatical errors in your content. 

5. Look for Free and Paid Marketing Opportunities 

Many places, such as libraries and local coffee shops will allow you to post flyers for free in community areas. However, there’s also merit in investing in local print ads. 

Before you reach out to marketers or advertisers attached to local businesses, magazines, and newspapers, be sure to ask for their metrics. To how many people does this publication circulate? Have they received metrics from any of their previous sponsors? 

Print advertisements can be a significant investment, but are also the most trusted form of advertising—so make sure you’re going with the right outlet. 

6. Hold Local Hiring Events 

Connecting in-person is valuable, and can help you make a lasting impression on potential candidates. Not only are in-person meetings likely to be memorable, they’re also a great way to access groups of candidates who may not be in the scope of your digital marketing plan, such as people who don’t spend much time online. You can use your traditional marketing materials to make sure each visit in-person is as effective as possible. 

7. Visit Local Schools and Community Centers  

Some high school and college students may not even realize that they’re qualified for entry level positions as CNAs or HHAs. Visiting local schools, and taking along your branded materials, can help you show soon-to-be-graduates that they have a future at your facilities. 

You can also advertise your part-time positions to students who want to make some extra cash while they’re in school. When you visit schools, be sure to mention any in-house training programs you have available. 

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8. Pair Your In-Person Events With Attractive Take-Homes

To really stick in the minds of the potential candidates create branded gifts such as pencils, pens, sticky notes, and more. Offer them to those who come to your in-person events. Everyone loves freebies! Not to mention, if your take-home is actually helpful, candidates may wind up  looking at your branding every day. 

9. Partner With Local Businesses 

Partner with local schools and businesses to increase your brand visibility. Business partnerships can mean asking for permission to post job information on a bulletin board. You can also request coupons from local businesses for new candidates, or even co-sponsor an open job fair. For example, if there’s a restaurant in the area that’s willing to work you, you could try to negotiate catering for a job fair. You’ll have more candidates show up, and the restaurant will also gain name recognition. 

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Jenny Ortiz

Jenny Ortiz is a strategic marketer with over 15 years of experience in creative, marketing, and advertising. She specializes in developing best-in-class solutions around media diversification, employer brand, candidate journeys, and engagement in order to help healthcare companies attract top talent. Outside of the office, she is an advanced open water scuba diver and a lover of international travel, and enjoys spending quality time with friends and family.