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TikTok Recruiting: Is It Right For You?

  1. TikTok: What Is It and Why Is It Important?
  2. How Does TikTok Work? 
  3. TikTok Recruiting: Pros and Cons 
    1. Pro: TikTok Has an Enormous Reach
    2. Pro: Attract Passive Candidates
    3. Pro: TikTok Can Humanize Your Brand
    4. Pro: TikTok’s Audience Skews Younger and Is Open to Entry Level Positions
    5. Pro: You Can be Flexible About Spending 
    6. Con: You Need to Post Often and Consistently to Reach Your Niche Audience
    7. Con: You Can’t Control How You Go Viral 
    8. Con: Your Audience May Not Be Who You Expect 
  4. TikTok Recruiting: Do’s and Don’ts 
    1. Do: Adopt an Employer Brand Voice 
    2. Don’t: Feel Like You Need to Be an Expert Video Editor 
    3. Do: Stay Up to Date With Niche Hashtags 
    4. Don’t: Feel Pressure to Hop on Every Trend
    5. Do: Connect With Influencers 
    6. Do: Use Spark Ads
    7. Do: Share Positives About the Role
    8. Do: Showcase Current Employees
    9. Do: Utilize TikTok Live

TikTok: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

By now, you’ve probably heard of TikTok. With more than 80 million active users in the United States alone, it’s become impossible to ignore. It’s no wonder TikTok recruiting has become a popular way to connect with new candidates. 

How Does TikTok Work?

Unlike LinkedIn, Facebook, and other popular recruiting platforms, TikTok works by showing users a steady stream of videos. Based on their interactions (likes, shares, comments) and the time they spend on each video, a complex algorithm curates a “for you” page.” The “for you” page shows users videos most aligned with their interests. TikToks are also often reposted on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, continuing their lifespan beyond the app.

TikTok Recruiting: Pros and Cons

TikTok recruiting is definitely possible, but is it right for you and your company? Here are some things to consider before you take the plunge. 

Pro: TikTok Has an Enormous Reach

TikTok was the most downloaded app of 2021, with 656 million downloads. At over 1 billion active monthly users, there’s no overstating just how many potential candidates are within your reach. 

TikTok users are also on other social media platforms, with over 80% also using Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. This means that your content has the potential to be shared cross-platform. It was also the number one app for driving consumer spending in 2022’s first quarter, which says something about what a marketing juggernaut it’s become. 

Pro: Attract Passive Candidates 

TikTok contains a diverse array of content. Many TikTok creators focus on comedy, but there are also creators who give resume and cover letter tips, interview advice, and so on. Even if someone isn’t logging onto the app for the express purpose of finding jobs, you can still engage them.

In fact, TikTok has introduced a special ad category for Employment Ads (in addition to  Recruitment/Job Search). You can also make use of the TikTok Ads Library. With this function, customers can see what kind of recruitment ads are on TikTok. You can also view metrics, including the campaign objective chosen, and gain valuable insight for your own recruitment efforts.

Pro: TikTok Can Humanize Your Brand 

TikTok’s video format gives you a unique opportunity to build your brand voice. This can be a huge help during recruiting. 

There are many examples of companies who have created enormous hiring potential through clever use of their brand voice on TikTok: 

  • Duolingo has a quirky TikTok account built on humor and absurdism. If they need to hire someone, they have 4.1M direct followers to market to, and even more potential viewers through the algorithm. 
  • The Washington Post uses memes and trending sounds to explain news articles on TikTok. They’ve previously advertised their open internship applications on their TikTok page. 
  • FlexJobs is a job board that advertises specific opportunities on TikTok. They have 80K followers and create content with practical advice for job seekers. 

Pro: TikTok’s Audience Skews Younger and Is Open to Entry Level Positions

A whopping 43.7% of TikTok users are between the ages of 18 and 24, while 32% of TikTok users are 25 to 34. Because so many young people use the app, it can be a great place for companies to recruit for entry-level positions. But while TikTok has a reputation as a younger person’s app, that doesn’t mean older candidates also don’t use it. In fact, over a third of users are now between the ages of 36 and 54. 

Pro: You Can be Flexible About Spending

TikTok offers a wide range of advertisement options, from partnering with influencers to boosting your independent content. Not to mention, with strategy and time, you may be able to build a brand following without paying for ads at all. TikTok offers recruiters significant flexibility when it comes to budget. 

Con: You Need to Post Often and Consistently to Reach Your Niche Audience

While TikTok recruiting can be a great way to get in touch with a unique pool of candidates, the process of building a following isn’t effortless. TikTok recommends posting up to four times a day. This can mean a lot of effort by your marketing team, and it will probably take some time before the effort pays off. 

Con: You Can’t Control How You Go Viral 

When one of your TikToks goes viral, it can be overwhelming. Virality means that you’re reaching a wide audience, and that can be excellent for recruitment purposes. However, it’s not uncommon for people or brands to go viral for mistakes or faux pas. That’s why it’s important to stay attuned to your audience’s views and understand what kind of content is well-received.

Con: Your Audience May Not Be Who You Expect 

While you may have certain goals while building your audience, it can be hard to know the exact interests of your viewers. The algorithm can bring your content to viewers who you had no intention of marketing to, such as people outside of the country or city you’re hiring within. 

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TikTok Recruiting: Do’s and Don’ts 

If you’ve decided to use TikTok for recruiting, here are some tips and tricks to make your time on the app as useful as possible. 

Do: Adopt an Employer Brand Voice 

The short video format of TikTok gives you many ways to showcase your company’s voice. This can be both a gift, and a bit overwhelming. Try to decide on your voice and strategy before you start posting. Do you want to be a no-nonsense professional resource for users? Or do you want to use humor and capitalize on memes and trends?

Don’t: Feel Like You Need to Be an Expert Video Editor 

A quick scroll on TikTok can feel intimidating. But while there are a lot of fancy video editors on the app, all you really need to get started is a phone with video recording and a solid understanding of your goals. Some of the biggest TikTok accounts don’t use video editing software outside of the app’s built-in features. Editing on TikTok is something anyone can try. 

Do: Stay Up to Date With Niche Hashtags 

Because the algorithm is so curated to a user’s specific interests, sticking to certain themes and topics can be helpful when creating a dedicated audience. Using relevant hashtags can also help you grow your audience. This way, new followers know what they’ll get. If you’re unsure what to post, check out the material under your target hashtags—you’ll find plenty of inspiration. 

Don’t: Feel Pressure to Hop on Every Trend

TikTok has a reputation for being fast-paced, and in some ways, it is. Trends go as quickly as they come. While following trends can be helpful for gaining views, don’t sacrifice your voice. Like on any social media platform, authenticity is important. 

Do: Connect With Influencers 

Jumping off of someone else’s platform can be a great way to get engagement without having to build a following from scratch. There are many examples of successful partnership ad campaigns. If you do go this route, it’s important to do your research. Finding creators aligned with your interests will make the content feel more genuine. Recently, Hinge has partnered with influencers to boost the hashtag #hingepartners – it now has over 61.9M views

Do: Use Spark Ads 

TikTok also offers Spark Ads, which allows brands to promote themselves by amplifying their existing user-generated content. Using pre-existing user content can help your marketing feel more authentic. Like connecting with influencers directly, it’s easier than building your own following. 

Do: Share Positives About the Role 

When you create content about the benefits of applying for a role, you’re not just advertising your jobs. You’re providing job seekers with reassurance that they’re on the right track. 

Do: Showcase Current Employees 

Showcase any interested current employees to help create an authentic voice. Job seekers will resonate with advice from people who they know used to be in their shoes. However, make sure that the employees you feature feel enthusiastic about speaking to the public. 

Do: Utilize TikTok Live  

With TikTok Live, you can engage with your audience in real-time. Viewers have opportunities to make questions and comments, which you can then respond to. You also have access to the filters and camera features of regular TikTok. While there are no limits on recording time, we recommend around 30 minutes. Use this space to host Q&A’s, speak about open positions, and educate about careers in healthcare. 

Recruit, Engage, and Attract With Apploi 

TikTok recruiting can be daunting at first, but you don’t have to manage it alone. Apploi’s consulting services can help you recruit, engage, and attract your ideal candidate. 


Jenny Ortiz

Jenny Ortiz is a strategic marketer with over 15 years of experience in creative, marketing, and advertising. She specializes in developing best-in-class solutions around media diversification, employer brand, candidate journeys, and engagement in order to help healthcare companies attract top talent. Outside of the office, she is an advanced open water scuba diver and a lover of international travel, and enjoys spending quality time with friends and family.