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Healthcare staffing software should make your life easier—not more confusing or complicated. At their best, digital HR solutions complement human-first staffing processes, helping your people do their jobs with ease. Whether you’re using an ATS, an HRIS, or credential checking software, it’s important to understand which tasks can be automated, and which tasks benefit from extra attention. 

The most efficient hiring practices involve both automation and healthcare industry insight that only you and your team can offer. At Apploi, we think that HR teams should have a harmonious, fruitful relationship with their recruiting software. Here are our top tips to make sure your healthcare staffing software and people power work in tandem.

Find The Right People

Attract Qualified Candidates With Healthcare Staffing Software

Healthcare staffing software is practically required when it comes to attracting strong candidates in large numbers. Digital recruitment tools help you to distribute job posts widely across job sites and may expand your reach with social media integrations. Some recruitment tools also allow you to add pre-screening questions and take advantage of 1-click apply, so you get more candidates and greater insight into their promise. 

Once you’ve gathered applications, healthcare staffing software can also make it easier to review candidates and avoid biased decision-making. A platform like Apploi lets you standardize resumes for easy reading, thus reducing the chance that talent acquisition professionals might make unfair inferences based on the application’s language or format. 

Find The Best Fit With Your Team

Healthcare staffing software can make talent acquisition easier, but only you can make the best decisions for your business. If you use pre-screening questions, specify them around your needs, considering what skill sets may be missing from your workplace. Flag the pre-screened applicants who look like the best fit for your organization, and make better decisions by sharing in-platform notes with your team. 

Keep Candidates Engaged

Automate Messages With Healthcare Staffing Software

Another area where healthcare staffing software excels is in candidate engagement. But good communication requires two things: capable software and a real understanding of your company’s voice. 

Strong candidate communication tends to result in a more positive feeling toward the company, and a better candidate experience overall. To this end, you can use hiring software to set up email and text blasts that are dependent on certain triggers, so applicants receive automatic notifications when they move forward in the application process. Some software even offers preloaded message templates. With these, candidate communication can literally be as easy as pressing a button.

Show Who You Are With Your Own Voice

That being said, there’s no AI-generated replacement for your authentic voice. Automatic messages are a huge timesaver, but they’re most effective if you inject a sense of your company culture. The messages your candidates receive prior to an offer can act as small cues about your company—which is very important when candidates are deciding whether to accept a job. Tweak messages to reflect your company voice, or write entirely new ones. Just remember to protect your applicants’ privacy by messaging through secure and encrypted systems. 

Verify Applicant Licenses Before Making An Offer 

Monitor Licensure With Credential Tracking Software

You need to verify licenses as early as possible to stay in compliance, avoid audit risk, and ensure you’re hiring well-prepared employees during the healthcare talent shortage. Healthcare recruiters can get ahead by giving candidates the option to verify licenses during their application. Use healthcare staffing software to automate this process—and refocus your talent acquisition team’s energy elsewhere. 

Healthcare staffing software can also offer you the chance to track analytics, gaining insight into licensure status and workplace readiness. Certain staffing software will track healthcare workers’ credentials, making it easier to check that you’re remaining in compliance. (Apploi also allows you to send automatic notifications to employees with expiring documents, reminding them when their information needs to be updated.) 

Evaluate Your Process With Analytics

Tracking analytics with digital tools can be a fairly hands-off process for your human resources team, but it also opens the doors to more intensive decision-making. Decide, with your team, the best way to communicate with candidates and employees about their credentialing—whether that’s sending automated notifications, or speaking in person. Use analytic tools to track the success of your recruiting process, and make changes to your approach if necessary. 

Onboard New Hires With An Eye For Retention

Take Care Of Paperwork With Onboarding Software

Onboarding is a key moment for employee engagement and retention, so you’ll want to make the most of your time with your new hires. Use healthcare staffing software to complete digital training in advance, leaving in-person onboarding time for more interesting sessions. Completing some aspects of onboarding digitally saves you time, but going digital also saves money and resources. A hybrid approach to onboarding may also help you appeal to a wider group of candidates, some of whom might prefer a flexible training schedule. 

Focus In-Person Training On Making Connections

Starting with digital onboarding has a number of benefits, including more free time for in-person socializing and niche training. You can use this time to facilitate relationships between new hires or connect them with seasoned staff members from different departments. Supporting these early bonds is an important way to work on one of the biggest challenges in healthcare staffing: retention. 

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Apploi is built to simplify the healthcare hiring process, from attracting candidates to onboarding employees. We automatically collect important documentation at the time of hire, so you will never need to digitize documents retroactively again. From recruitment marketing to secure documentation storage, we offer a robust, customizable platform that helps you manage the employee lifecycle.

Interested in learning more about how to recruit, hire, and onboard staff quicker than the competition? Contact us today for a free demo of our end-to-end solution.

Melanie Boroosan

Over her six years in healthcare administration, Melanie has managed human resources, legal, compliance, payroll, and recruitment efforts at a corporate level. This oversight granted her a deep appreciation for the unique needs of healthcare managers, and for the direct ways that business operations affect the wellbeing of each employee. As Apploi’s Director of Healthcare Innovation, Melanie draws from her experience in healthcare HR and ancillary long-term care to pursue a vision of holistic healthcare staffing. Her work is rooted in the knowledge that great care begins with improving quality of life for all healthcare workers.