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You’re about to head into your third interview of the day, but you want one more look at the candidate’s resume. Problem is, your office is down the hall and you’re already about to be late. With a hiring platform optimized for mobile recruiting, you can pull up that information quickly and still be on time for the interview.

Mobile applications are great for busy candidates, but they’re great for you—the employer—too. In addition, some interviewers or hiring managers may be doctors or nurses. These employees need easy access to your hiring platform via mobile, as they’re rarely on the computer. Here’s how—and what you should look for when shopping for a mobile-friendly recruiting platform.

4 Benefits of Mobile Recruiting

You might not immediately think of mobile recruiting as a critical feature for healthcare hiring. But a mobile-friendly platform has many benefits, and can ease the path to more (and better) candidates. Here’s why.

1. You Can Share Information Quickly

At a meeting with the hiring team and want to talk about a specific candidate without getting your laptop out? Doing a phone interview from the road between locations and want to reference a resume? Mobile recruiting can help you pull up information easily—and share it with your team.

Communication becomes much easier when not everyone has to be seated at their desk all the time. You can easily send information about a candidate you’re excited about, all on an encrypted and safe platform.

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2. Working From Home Becomes Much Easier

According to CNBC, remote and hybrid jobs attract seven times more applicants than in-person roles. HR candidates are no exception. Work from home may not be possible for all your employees, but your HR team can definitely benefit from it. Work from home can attract candidates to your HR department, so you can be sure that you’re always hiring at full capacity. Mobile recruiting makes work from home much easier. Your hiring team will have the option to view candidate information, send applicants messages, and even make hiring decisions on their mobile device.

3. You’re Less Dependent on Internet Infrastructure

Maybe you’re trying to work at a coffee shop, but the wifi just isn’t cooperating. Or perhaps you’re having trouble with your personal computer or with the computers at work. When the internet goes down, it doesn’t mean that your hiring needs to stall, too. With mobile-optimized recruiting pages, you’ll be able to use the data on your phone to make key time-sensitive decisions—regardless of where you are and what kind of online access you have.

4. You Can Put Out Fires From Anywhere

Sometimes, hiring can have same-day urgency. A candidate might pull out right before their start date, or someone is scheduled to start tomorrow and doesn’t understand the onboarding documentation. Hopefully this is a very rare occurrence, but we all know that it can happen. With mobile recruiting, you’ll be able to handle emergencies regardless of whether or not you’re in the office.

Searching for Mobile-Optimized Software

So how do you make sure that you have the best tools for recruiting on the go? You can start by asking about mobile options during your software demo.

  • Here are some questions to ask that can help you gauge how mobile-friendly a platform is.
  • How does your interface change on mobile?
  • Is all functionality accessible to me on both mobile and desktop?
  • Are your mobile functions secure? Has your platform successfully completed SOC 2 certification?

Better Hiring With Apploi

If you receive positive answers to all of these questions, then you have a mobile optimized recruiting platform on your hands. Mobile recruiting gives you peace of mind. When your tools are accessible on-the-go, you know that you can make decisions from anywhere. Apploi’s platform is optimized for mobile, so you can access our powerful hiring and management platform from the comfort of your home. Schedule a demo today.

Sophie Guillermin

As Apploi's Senior Product Manager, Sophie Guillermin focuses on developing features that curate a positive and streamlined candidate experience through insightful engagement and automation.