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How Digitizing Talent Management With Apploi Can Save You Time, Pain, and Money

It’s time to bring your healthcare HR into the digital age. Benefit from a faster hiring process, easier onboarding, and greater security and compliance when you pivot to digital talent management with Apploi. 

1. Track Candidates Through Their Lifecycle At Your Business

  • Get all the benefits of digital applicant tracking during recruitment; then transition candidates easily into Apploi’s Onboard and Manage Teams once they’re hired
  • Search for current employees and previous candidates in one space and review their hiring history with your company
  • Maintain notes on candidates from prior recruiting rounds to make reconnecting a breeze

2. Comply With Mandates and Reduce Audit Risk

  • Review company-wide analytics to instantly check that each of your workplaces and employees are in compliance with vaccine mandates and more
  • Send your employees internal reminders when it’s time to update their information 
  • Encourage new hires to submit important paperwork in advance of their first day as part of the application or onboarding process

3. Onboard More Effectively 

  • Automatically create full digital employee records when you collect onboarding paperwork through Apploi
  • Free up time for personalized onboarding by automatically collecting important paperwork prior to hire
  • Ensure accurate records and limit the risk of human error issues by letting the software pull vital employee information from onboarding documents

4. Secure Sensitive Information

  • Store important documents where you can access or update them easily, without the security risk of a physical filing cabinet
  • Keep sensitive information on our encrypted platform to make sure it’s impervious to unauthorized eyes
  • Grant role-based user permissions to limit who can access employee documents and information 

Interested in learning more about how you can recruit, hire, and onboard healthcare staff quickly? Contact us today for a free demo of our end-to-end solution.