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Operational Insights Across Locations

Get deeper operational insights into your entire organization with Apploi. See how Apploi can help you understand operations at multiple locations with central communication tools, collaborative screening and hiring, and analytics reports that give you quick information about each workplace’s compliance and performance.

1. Hire For Multiple Locations At One Time

  • Attract more top candidates with Apploi’s advanced recruiting technology so you have more control over who you place in which location
  • Move applicants from one role to another so you don’t have to review the same candidate information twice
  • See all applications from one platform, and toggle between universal and location-specific views

2. Work With Team Members Around the Country

  • Share interview your schedule with your entire team when you connect your existing Calendly account with Apploi’s Calendly integration
  • Select role-based user permissions to control who has access to what information
  • Review application notes, concerns, and follow-up items recorded by any member of your team

3. Track Compliance and Audit Risks Across Locations

  • Use the Apploi analytics dashboard to see the completion rates for paperwork across your organization
  • View analytics reports on a single location to see exactly how to avoid audit risk
  • Send employees reminders to update their paperwork, licensure, and vaccine records, no matter where they work

4. Onboard and Manage Talent 

  • Easily send onboarding packets to new hires at any of your workplaces
  • Instantly collect staff information on Apploi’s digital platform to create living employee records
  • Update existing employee records effortlessly by downloading and editing digital files, or editing parsed fields within the platform  

5. Communicate Across Locations

  • Stay in touch with hiring managers at different locations with Apploi’s centralized recruiting platform 
  • Use text notes and star ratings on an application to quickly communicate your feedback  to other managers
  • Send unlimited texts and emails to candidates, even if you’re hundreds of miles apart

Interested in learning more about how you can recruit, hire, and onboard healthcare staff quickly? Contact us today for a free demo of our end-to-end solution.