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Leading healthcare HR software provides users with automated shift scheduling

NEW YORK, Nov. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Apploi, the leading platform for healthcare hiring, announced it has acquired OnCall, a healthcare shift management solution that focuses on scheduling and staff management amidst the ongoing hiring crunch.

Apploi has become the prime healthcare hiring software, helping over 7,000 healthcare communities hire and retain the right people. In 2020, the software company acquired Healthgig’s onboarding and credentialing platform, expanding into the world of human capital management. With the addition of OnCall, Apploi customers will now be able to manage shifts on the same platform they use to hire.

This comes at a time when healthcare employers often manage multiple facilities and streams of candidates, including both permanent and temporary staff. This requires managers to spend significant time manually scheduling and allocating staff. Through the acquisition of OnCall, Apploi seeks to simplify shift management, allowing users to more easily plan staffing levels and gain greater independence from temporary staff.

“This is huge news for the healthcare industry,” said Apploi advisory board member Randi Zuckerberg, “especially because so many providers are continuing to battle the pressures of meeting staff requirements and providing quality care.”

Adam Lewis, CEO and founder of Apploi, elaborated: “The vision for Apploi has always been to create the healthcare industry’s truly end-to-end staffing and recruiting platform. We started with recruiting, then we moved to onboarding, credentialing, and compliance…the next piece of the puzzle is helping customers optimize scheduling and their staffing. Bringing OnCall into Apploi made total sense, and we are so excited to collaborate on this next chapter together.”

On the merger, Di Yu, the founder of OnCall, commented that “Today, healthcare organizations are simply short-staffed, impacting their ability to serve seniors under their care. Our solution allows schedulers to easily communicate with and across their entire workforce. As a result of this, healthcare leaders can become more strategic with when and how they leverage their internal and external workforce and gain a holistic picture of their true labor spend.”

Apploi has rapidly expanded its reach, and was recently named one of the fastest-growing private companies by Inc. 5000. With a two-year revenue growth of 284%, Apploi has cemented itself as one of the fastest growing tech companies in America. In the past year, Apploi has raised $25 million in a Series B fundraising round and earned SOC 2 certification. Apploi was also named a multi-category leader by GetApp, a Gartner company.

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About Apploi

Apploi is the leading human capital management platform specializing in high-volume hiring, onboarding, and management for healthcare. Apploi streamlines the hiring process from candidate sourcing, to hiring, onboarding, and beyond. Working with 7,000+ healthcare organizations across the US today, Apploi simplifies the hiring process to reduce days-to-hire and get more healthcare workers into roles faster. To learn more about Apploi, visit:

About OnCall

OnCall is a shift management platform tailored for healthcare organizations. OnCall connects full-time, part-time, and agency employees to open shifts, while providing healthcare leadership the ability to ensure their organizations are fully staffed and optimize labor spend. To learn more about OnCall, visit:


Christy Brown, Director of Marketing, Apploi