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Mark Ghermezian

New York, New York: Apploi is thrilled to announce that American Dream Co-CEO Mark Ghermezian has joined the company as a Strategic Advisor. Mark is known as both a retail and software industry leader. His background includes co-founding and first CEO of Braze, a general partner at T5 Capital, founder of Fourpost, and now Co-CEO at American Dream.

Apploi’s first introduction to Mark was when Fourpost began using its recruitment platform to grow their team. Mark quickly realized the platform’s potential after his team saw high levels of success consolidating all of their recruiting efforts. Getting to know the company more intimately, led Mark to investing in Apploi’s last financing in September 2019.

The collaboration has been very fruitful on both sides, with many aligned interests, particularly as Apploi has been supporting American Dream with its opening. This led to appointing Mark as Apploi’s first advisory board member. Mark’s role at the company will focus on Apploi’s retail industry penetration, as well as overall scalability.

“I have seen the value of the Apploi platform since we first used it at Fourpost, to now solving hiring challenges for American Dream as well as its tenants” says American Dream Co-CEO Mark Ghermezian, “Apploi continues to evolve its technology and exceeds expectations for both the employers and job seekers of today.”

As well as supporting American Dream and Mall of America to grow their own teams, this year Apploi expanded the offering to hundreds of tenants in both locations.

“Mark is a true leader in the SaaS and retail industries, with deep expertise in both, as well as having scaled a SaaS company himself from the outset. We’re excited to take Mark’s expansive knowledge and advice to improve the way we support customers, and sign new ones.” Says Apploi CEO Adam Lewis.

If you’d like to hear from Mark please join our upcoming webinar 2 PM on May 21, 2020 where we will be discussing retail and branding after the COVID-19 pandemic. You can also follow him on Linkedin and Twitter.