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One employee with an expired license. That’s all it takes to suddenly risk getting hit with compliance fees. You need to make sure that no licenses fall through the cracks, which is hard enough in a single facility. But if you have multiple facilities (or if you’re managing multiple HR teams), license verification can quickly become a mess. Read on to learn how the right software can ensure you never worry about license verification again.  

Nurse and CNA License Verification: What You Need to Know

Every healthcare HR team knows that license verification is important. Here are some of the risks associated with failure to stay compliant.  

Failure to Stay Complaint Means You Could Be Hit With Costly Fines  

Expired licenses cause fines for both individual workers and organizations. Each state has different rules, but they all agree on one thing: it’s unacceptable for unlicensed workers to deliver care. When a license expires but your employees are still working, both the team members working under expired license, and you, the organization they are working for, are at risk of litigation. The cost of even one expired license can be exorbitant. 

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Rules Can Change 

Guidelines often shift, and your license verification process needs to reflect the variability of the healthcare industry. It’s far too easy to miss one directive in a sea of memos, especially if your HR teams are verifying each person’s license manually. 

The best way to ensure that you’re remaining compliant with the state board? Invest in license verification software that keeps track of changing rules so you don’t have to. Ideally, your license verification software would integrate with your other technology, so you can verify licenses directly on your applicant tracking system (ATS) or human capital management (HCM) software. Working with outside verification software can add more time to your hiring process. 

Working With Outside Verification Software Can Waste Time

You may use license verification software that doesn’t connect with your other hiring, onboarding, and management systems. In this case, you’ll have to individually export each new hire’s information to the license verification software and keep track of expiration dates separately. 

Needless to say, managing nurse and CNA license verification can quickly become a slog. Some medical professionals wait months to receive their license verification. Clearly, working with outside license verification providers can add extra time between a hire and a start date.

How to Succeed With Digital Solutions

The right software can ensure that you remain compliant and keep your patients safe. There’s a lot of technology out there. How do you choose what’s best for you? Here’s what you need to consider. 

Pair With Software That Automates the Hard Work for You

The best software uses automation to collect information from candidates. In other words, you should just be able to input your candidate’s license information once. From that point on, the software will routinely check the status of the license with the state board, and display the results. You should be easily able to see a timestamp of when the license was last checked, and what its status is. 

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Make Sure Your License Verification Software Integrates With Other Systems

Using a license verification software system that’s separate from your other hiring and management systems is a pain. With an outside system, you’ll have to manually export each candidate’s information. Any time a license is set to expire, you need to work with an entirely different system to make sure your staff are set to work legally. 

Unfortunately, many applicant tracking systems don’t provide license verification, so this situation is fairly common for healthcare—but it doesn’t have to be. Look for software that integrates license verification with all other hiring, onboarding, and management functionalities. 

Get Notifications for Expiring Licenses 

No one lets licenses expire on purpose, but it’s easy to let happen when you’re dealing with the minutiae of hiring and onboarding. Sometimes, your staff may not even be aware that their licenses are set to expire. 

Partnering with software like Apploi can ensure that you’re never caught off guard by an expired license again. Apploi sends you notifications when licenses in your organization are set to expire, so you can talk to your staff about renewing and confirming their licenses without a rush. You can also access a display that quickly lets you know if an employee’s license is expiring soon—within 30 days. 

Better Hiring With Apploi 

CNA and nurse license verification doesn’t have to be stressful. Make it simple with Apploi. Our recruiting, hiring, and management platform is easy to use and made with healthcare hiring in mind. Schedule a demo today

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