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Shopping around for a new applicant tracking system? Apploi is here to help. We’re constantly talking to healthcare leaders about what they want and need out of hiring, so we can work to solve the actual problems facing the industry today. Thanks to our relationships with recruiters and managers, we’ve got a pretty good idea of what’s valuable in an ATS, and how to pick the best ATS for any workplace. 

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Modern applicant tracking systems offer much more than resume storage. The best ATS options will do more to help you recruit and hire smoothly. That could mean providing powerful analytics, helping team members keep track of notes, and automating pieces of onboarding. A solution like Apploi can even offer the functionality of an ATS along with robust employee management and license tracking, so your team doesn’t need to move between different pieces of software. 

Download our free resource, designed to help identify the best ATS for you.

Apploi is built to simplify the healthcare hiring process, from attracting candidates to onboarding employees. It’s easy to use even if your teams are hundreds of miles apart. We automatically collect important documentation at the time of hire, so you will never need to digitize documents retroactively again. From recruitment marketing to secure documentation storage, we offer a robust, customizable platform that helps you manage the employee lifecycle.

Interested in learning more about how to recruit, hire, and onboard staff quicker than the competition? Contact us today for a free demo of our end-to-end solution.