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As a healthcare employer, your hiring technology should help you accomplish your goals, not hold you back or introduce more administrative labor. Apploi and Hireology are two popular options for healthcare professionals looking to attract candidates and monitor their workforce. But which is right for your business? We compare Hireology vs. Apploi to help you decide.

Hireology vs Apploi


Hireology vs. Apploi: Key Features

  Apploi Hireology
Attract Talent

Centralized platform to create, post and manage jobs

Job board + social media site integrations

Job post sponsorship

Job snippets + templates

Branded career page

Quick apply + 1-click apply

Advanced applicant + resume search

Engage Applicants

Applicant tracking dashboard

Automated screening questions during the application

Texting + emailing (w/templates)

Interview scheduling

Interview question templates + standardized guides

Applicant scoring

Applicant profiles with notes, tasks, and communication log

Automated workflows

License verifications

Background checks

Onboard & Manage Teams

Standardized onboarding documents

Document e-Signature

Automated digital employee file creation

Ability to add + digitize existing employee documents

Credential management

Compliance + readiness-to-work monitoring

Alerts + notifications for upcoming expirations

Employee texting + emailing

Advanced Features

Reporting + Insights

Payroll + HRIS integrations

User management + permissions

Dedicated implementation + customer success representative

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Apploi Is Built for Healthcare’s Needs

When you’re comparing Hireology vs. Apploi, you’ll immediately notice that Apploi is specifically focused on healthcare staffing. Hireology serves many industries, including healthcare, but does not focus on healthcare exclusively. 

Among other healthcare-specific features, Apploi offers onboarding packets for common healthcare positions, medical licensure verification, and distribution to healthcare job sites. Apploi also provides candidate engagement tools like 1-click apply and unlimited texting to help healthcare employers secure talent in an extremely competitive industry. 

Full-Service Human Capital Management Platform

Apploi’s platform operates with a full-service talent management model. In other words, it helps employers manage recruiting, hiring, and onboarding from one platform. Because of this model, Apploi’s suite of tools offers some features that Hireology doesn’t. 

Here are some of the most popular tools from Apploi that are not offered through Hireology. 

Apploi’s Exclusive Talent Management Tools

Recruitment and Screening

  • Single-click applications. Candidates can apply to jobs posted through Apploi quickly, even on the go.  
  • Applicant scoring. Apploi lets users save application notes and star-ratings so hiring teams can collaborate more effectively.
  • Interview templates. On Apploi, users can save and share interview guides with custom screening questions to encourage more consistent screening practices.

Candidate Engagement

  • Automated workflows. Both Hireology and Apploi offer automated prescreening and background checks, but only Apploi includes automated candidate workflows. With Apploi, employers can send custom messages (such as reminders and thank you notes) based on user-specified cues. 
  • Unlimited texting. In addition to email communications, Apploi offers free unlimited text messaging. On average, texting candidates more than doubles response rates (compared to emailing).

Recordkeeping and Employee Management

  • Advanced resume search. Apploi maintains digital records of your prior candidates, including messaging history. Advanced search makes it easy to reconnect with past applicants who may be looking for new opportunities.
  • Credential management. Apploi verifies licensure at the time of hire. Users can re-verify medical credentials on a daily basis. 
  • Compliance monitoring. The Apploi platform monitors licensure, vaccinations, and upcoming expiration dates to alert administrators if documents need to be renewed. 

Hireology vs. Apploi: Customer Support Teams 

Both Apploi and Hireology have customer support teams, but not all customer support is equally responsive, tailored, and informative. 

Apploi has dedicated implementation and customer support representatives who stay with users as long as they’re using the platform. You can be in direct contact with your individual customer service representatives for any reason.

By comparison, Hireology does not have dedicated support representatives. This means you may be in touch with a new customer service provider every time you reach out for help. Because Hireology does not focus on the healthcare industry specifically, customer support may also be less familiar with your unique needs. Whether or not this makes a difference depends on the degree of support you prefer. 

How to Choose the Best Solution for Your Business

Ultimately, the right talent management platform depends on your staffing needs. Hireology’s broader focus may be better suited to employers who expect to recruit non-healthcare roles from the same platform. Apploi, meanwhile, is the stronger choice for healthcare employers hiring high volumes of clinical and non-clinical roles, and those who want a human capital management platform with functionality that goes beyond talent management.

Learn More About Apploi

Apploi is on a mission to empower healthcare professionals with intuitive and efficient human capital management software. Interested in learning how you can recruit, hire, and onboard healthcare roles quickly? Contact us today for a free demo of our platform.