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Single Pane of Glass Solution Improves Employee Onboarding and Credentialing and Reduces Risk for Employers with Improved Tracking and Documentation Management

NEW YORKJuly 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Apploi, a recruiting, onboarding, and credential management software company serving healthcare organizations, today announced the launch of Onboard and Manage Teams, a secure onboarding and credential management solution for healthcare employers. A result of the acquisition of Healthgig last year, Onboard and Manage Teams picks up where the Apploi recruiting platform leaves off. Once a candidate has an offer, Onboard and Manage Teams digitizes their documentation and automatically manages certifications and licenses moving forward—sending renewal reminders and flagging potential compliance risks so that employers can proactively remedy them.

“With the huge demand for skilled healthcare workers and the rapid hiring taking place across the industry, healthcare organizations are struggling to manage the sheer volume of documentation from new and existing employees,” said Adam Lewis, CEO, Apploi. “Healthcare employers need a less frustrating experience. They need a way to efficiently reduce their own audit risk and guarantee the safety of sensitive employee information. With the addition of Onboard and Manage Teams, we’re answering this need by providing a secure, automated solution that allows employers to better manage the entire employee documentation process, including credentials and certifications, all from one centralized platform.”

Key features of the Apploi Onboard and Manage Teams platform include:

  • Documentation Digitization: Manage all documentation in one place. Send staff onboarding documents, manage occupational health records, monitor employee work readiness, and easily track the progress and completion of all necessary documents.
  • Audit Compliance: Ensure audit-ready compliance at all times by maintaining required employee information. Receive real-time updates on employee licenses and credentials and track COVID-19 vaccinations and other immunizations among staff. Store employee information from multiple locations on one platform to reduce audit risk and save HR staff valuable time.
  • Notification Automation: Receive automated updates, alerts, and reminders when Onboard and Manage Teams detects any missing information or expiring documents.
  • Safe File Storage: Keep documentation safe. Store information securely and protect sensitive employee data with role-based user permissions.
  • Intuitive Analytics: Understand workforce readiness at a glance. See which employee documentation is up to date, soon to expire, or missing. View analytics globally or at individual facilities.

“As employee operations specialists for skilled nursing facilities, we oversee a high volume of clinical staff and all of their compliance and credentials. Prior to using Apploi’s Onboard and Manage Teams, we were using a lot of paper to manage everything. We had tedious and manual tracking processes in place for documents and credentials and had minimal real-time insight across all the locations,” said Faygee Morgenshtern, CEO, People Powered Nursing. “Now, with Onboard and Manage Teams, we have been able to automate our processes and can manage staff compliance effectively and efficiently. We can easily and quickly see all of our locations and determine their level of compliance and productivity at any time.”

About Apploi
Apploi is the leading Healthcare Recruitment Technology specializing in high-volume people hiring. Apploi streamlines the hiring process from candidate acquisition to hired. Working with 5,000+ healthcare organizations across the US today, Apploi simplifies the hiring process to reduce days-to-hire and get more healthcare workers into roles faster.