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Get deeper insight into your recruiting success with integrated staffing, hiring, and onboarding tools

One platform is better than five

Apploi is the leading all-in-one staffing solution for healthcare. With Apploi, post-acute and long-term care organizations can recruit, onboard, and manage credentials from a single platform using seamlessly integrated staffing tools.

Interconnectivity is key to Apploi’s success. We make it easy to transition from applicant tracking to ongoing employee management, without requiring you to tediously reenter candidate information or switch between platforms. Automatically create digital employee records that will stay with candidates through their lifecycle at your company, simplifying communication and compliance. 

See how Apploi’s integrations make us stronger than the sum of our parts. 

1. Invite new team members to the hiring process with ease

  • Minimize the training needed to make the most of your recruiting tools. Consolidate recruiting and hiring within a single platform, so each member of your team only needs to be trained once. 
  • Share notes with your whole team so you can quickly identify best-fit applicants. Keep track of these notes even when a candidate has left your organization, so you always know if previous candidates are worth rehiring.
  • Sort candidates collectively or by location, so you can easily make hires across separate facilities. 

2. Understand compliance and get ahead of audit risks 

  • Request license verification prior to onboarding, so you can prepopulate employee records. See at a glance what licensure is up to date, and what needs attention.
  • Monitor licensure in real-time with our software, which automatically checks for upcoming expiration dates or out-of-date paperwork every day. 
  • Resolve potential audit risks as soon as you see them by sending employees reminders to renew their credentials from within our platform.

3. Reach candidates already in your ecosystem

  • Stay in touch with former employees and prior candidates, making it easier to reinitiate contact when a new position becomes available. 
  • Sort candidates by time of last contact. Reach out when it’s likely their circumstances have changed. 
  • Keep records of your unlimited emails and text messages to applicants. Trace your communication from prior hiring cycles so you can forge stronger connections with current and future employees. 

4. Digitize documentation without stress

  • Automatically create digital employee records at the time of onboarding—no need to manually enter documents into the platform. 
  • Easily update employee records when information changes by downloading individual files. 
  • Prompt new hires to verify their credentials online and automatically check qualifications, reducing the time it takes to get them in the door.

5. Transition candidates from new applicants to employees

  • Instead of manually entering candidate information into your employee management system, simply transfer a candidate’s profile from “applicant” to “hired.”
  • Initiate standard, position-specific onboarding without opening another piece of software.
  • Use our built-in recruitment workflows, or edit the process to reflect the actual steps you take while hiring. 

Interested in learning more about how you can recruit, hire, and onboard healthcare staff quickly? Contact us today for a free demo of our end-to-end solution.