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If you’ve visited the Apploi platform lately, you might’ve noticed things look a little different

Apploi’s Got a
Brand New Look

There are two changes you’ll actually notice

We won’t lie—a lot is changing under the hood. But don’t worry. Most of these changes you won’t even see.

We’re just tweaking the code to make sure we can fix bugs quickly and keep adding cool new features without too many growing pains.

The platform’s got a new look

More mobile-friendly pages!

If we’re just improving our code, you might ask, why bother changing how the platform looks?

Glad you asked.

You’ve let us know that

you stick with Apploi because it’s easy to use.

We’re straightforward, and we like that.

Knowing this, we didn’t want to redesign the platform just for the heck of it. Why risk one of the best things we have going for us?

Well, here’s the thing. We’ve received some (very kind) shoutouts for our usability, but we know we can do better.

Keeping things simple and intuitive is important to us. And we know it’s important to you, too. By revamping the platform, we think

we can make Apploi easier

and more efficient for everyone who uses it.

So what’s changing?

We’ve updated the pages where you spend most of your time:
  • Jobs
  • Candidate Listing
  • Candidate Details

Each of these pages will look a little sleeker now. (Stay tuned for more updated pages coming soon!) You should also find them a little bit clearer, cleaner, and easier to navigate.

Mobile Recruiting

One more piece of news. All the pages we’ve redesigned are totally mobile-friendly. That means you can review candidates right on your tablet or phone.

You’ve told us enough stories about checking Apploi on vacation that we feel pretty confident a more mobile-responsive platform will come in handy. We hope this makes it even easier to work with your teams and find great hires quickly. (Just remember to log off from time to time!)