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Legacy Healthcare

Legacy Healthcare is one of the nation’s leading providers of post-acute and long-term skilled healthcare consulting services. Apploi is proud to help support Legacy’s mission.

The people at Apploi want me to feel confident. And because of them, I do.

Jon GoldsteinDirector of Talent Acquisition, Legacy Healthcare


Legacy Healthcare supported operations at over 60 healthcare facilities. But without a centralized system, it was difficult to monitor and improve hiring practices.


Legacy adopted Apploi, the only workforce management platform designed specifically for healthcare organizations. The platform improved their communication, oversight, and ability to support individual communities.

How Legacy Healthcare Centralized Recruiting With Apploi

Like many healthcare organizations, the facilities managed by Legacy Healthcare were struggling to hire.

Finding candidates during a worker shortage was tough enough. But many of the facilities that Legacy manages were also dealing with the unique challenges of a decentralized hiring process.

Legacy started out managing two homes in 2008. By 2015, the number had jumped to 18, and by 2023, it had surpassed 60. At each of these facilities, different HR teams handled their own hiring, with Legacy assisting where it could. It was a perfectly reasonable strategy—after all, who knew the staffing needs or workplace cultures better than the team who actually worked there?

But as the number of facilities that Legacy managed grew, it became difficult to keep track of hiring trends—or to make the necessary recommendations to help each community improve its recruiting.

Hiring Challenges

Helping more than 60 healthcare facilities manage their recruiting was always going to be tricky. To make the most of their relationships with these communities, Legacy needed greater insight into how each location recruited—and what, exactly, was going wrong.

This was the issue Jon Goldstein, Legacy’s Director of Talent Acquisition, was trying to solve. At every facility Legacy worked with, individual HR teams were working hard to manually upload job posts and find the best candidates. But during busy times, this process could become overwhelming. The recruiting teams were stressed, and Legacy’s central team rarely had the insight or breathing room to make new strategic recommendations.

The facilities that Legacy managed each used an internal applicant tracking system to sort through applications and keep track of hiring needs. This system, while effective in some ways, had limitations—including the fact that it didn’t actually help distribute jobs.

“I think there were a lot of the issues I wasn’t even aware of,” said Jon, remembering the process before they had a connected ATS. “Just the nature of decentralization is problematic because there’s no accountability.”

As Legacy’s group of facilities expanded, they needed an applicant tracking system that could do more. The team began searching for software that could connect to job boards, help move applicants along the hiring process, and keep recruiters connected across locations.

After a few years of trial and error with other platforms, the team settled on Apploi—the only full-service hiring platform designed specifically for healthcare.

The nature of decentralization is problematic because there’s no accountability.

Jon GoldsteinDirector of Talent Acquisition, Legacy Healthcare

Centralizing Hiring in a Decentralized Business

Soon after implementing Apploi at every facility the team managed, Legacy saw two major benefits. The first was that Apploi automatically distributed openings across numerous job boards. This meant that no one was stuck posting jobs across multiple platforms. It also meant that every facility in Legacy’s network could continue recruiting independently—but now, their job posts would be consistent, attractive, and pre-approved.

The second key benefit was the fact that by logging into Apploi, the central team at Legacy could easily understand how HR teams at each facility actually approach recruiting. Suddenly, Jon was able to monitor hiring at every location Legacy managed. With this insight, he could step back, assess recruiting strategy, and support his team with more individual recommendations. For the first time, Jon’s team at Legacy could offer guidance without asking anyone to take time out of their day to report on their own performance.

Jon had no interest in taking hiring control away from each independent facility. He just needed to combine their location-specific knowledge with a broader, data-driven strategy. Apploi’s balance of hiring tools and analytic reporting made that possible.

Working Together Across Teams

Nowadays, Legacy is using Apploi to work more effectively with the facilities they manage, even if they’re hundreds of miles apart.

Using a custom-built Apploi dashboard, the Legacy team tracks some of the most important hiring analytics for each facility. From this dashboard, Jon can see exactly how long it takes individual recruiters and HR teams to respond to candidates, giving him the chance to point out and resolve bottlenecks.

“If people are sitting on a cache of CNAs and not reaching out, I’m able to track it,” Jon explained. “I’ll be able to say, hey, on the one hand, you guys are dying for nurses, but on the other hand, you’re not reaching out to the nurses that you have—or it’s taking three days to reach out. It gives me a lot of real-time data that could kind of bring the process back to best practices.” 

Facilities staffing with Apploi

Finding the Tools to Grow

The real benefit of Apploi, Jon explains, isn’t any single specific tool or feature. It’s really the people, and the fact that they’re ready and available to help Jon’s team succeed.

Apploi has done such a good job educating me about the ever-changing target of healthcare recruiting. They’ll say, hey, the job titles and the job descriptions have to look like this. Hey, now they have to look like this. They'll help me take care of it.

Jon GoldsteinDirector of Talent Acquisition, Legacy Healthcare

Jon has gotten more and more involved with the Apploi team over time. Not only has he helped create Legacy’s custom dashboard view, he’s also working directly with Apploi to improve hiring workflows for in-demand roles like CNAs and staff nurses.

“It feels like a real partnership,” Jon said.” And it needs to, in order for us to stick around—there are many other ATSes out there. But I think the people at Apploi want me to feel confident. And because of them, I do.”