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Healthcare ATS

Find the Best,
Filter the Rest

Apploi’s applicant tracking features give you an efficient way to organize and contact healthcare candidates.
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The HR platform trusted by more than 8,000 healthcare facilities

Sort and Track Applicants at Scale

Reduce Frustration With Organized Screening

Make it easy for your team to screen and hire. Apploi automatically pulls applications into a standard, readable format—no matter how your candidates apply.

See all your important updates right from the Apploi homepage, so you can stay on top of unread messages and new applications.

Still looking for your perfect candidate? Narrow your search by filtering applicants by certifications, records, and resumes.

Track Analytics and Make Data-Backed Decisions

Understand how your hiring team is performing.

Apploi reports on important success metrics, so you can see how long it takes your team to schedule interviews, make job offers, and hire candidates.

Review data across your entire company, within a specific community, or per user. With cross-team deep insight, quickly spot team members who need support.

Keep Past Candidates Engaged

There’s no reason to lose touch with qualified workers.

With Apploi’s encrypted platform, you can securely store information about past applicants and employees, along with notes from their candidate journey.

Search and filter on candidates’ names, roles, and workplaces to find the right person quickly.

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We quadrupled the amount of applicants that we were getting, while we were spending a fraction of the cost.

Yaakov K

Every team member on Apploi’s side understands where the last one left off. That has made the customer experience very helpful.

Ari Stawis

My favorite feature is the text feature. We have not been able to reach so many people in real-time with any other system.

Robin ManigaultHR Director, Aventura Health Group

One time I posted an ad and didn't get a lot of hits. Someone from Apploi called me and said 'Hey, I noticed you're not getting a lot of resumes.' They suggested I reword it to make it more attractive to the candidate, and I thought that was amazing that they called me.

Shoshana EpsteinCOO, Genesis Renal Care

We use Apploi to keep track of the hundreds of applicants from different job posts. Historically, we would send a lot of emails back and forth but we lost a lot of insight and context this way. Now we have one easy, centralized location to handle all of the hiring and onboarding process.

Yosef MendelsbergVP of Operations, Onyx Procurement Solutions

What I like about Apploi is that it is simple. I love that you can have pre-populated emails, text messages, even job descriptions so when you’re writing a job ad, you can pull it from the templates that you’ve created.

Kristin McBrideCorporate Director of Communication & Employee Development, Panacea Health Corp Company

Connect Your Software for One Staffing Ecosystem

Job Board Partnerships

Apploi partners with dozens of leading job sites, including Indeed, ZipRecruiter, MyCNAjobs, and HireNurses to automatically distribute open positions.

Google for Jobs

An enhanced search feature that aggregates listings from job boards and displays them in Google Search.

FAQs About Our Healthcare ATS

What is an ATS and how does it work?

An applicant tracking system, or ATS, is a piece of software that tracks, sorts, and organizes data from job applications to help employers find ideal candidates. Often used in healthcare, ATS software may also help organizations manage recruitment marketing, job posting, interview scheduling, and job offers.

What is an ATS vs CRM?

An ATS tracks and manages applications from candidates. A customer relationship manager (CRM), on the other hand, helps businesses manage relationships with clients who buy their products.

What kinds of medical staff can Apploi help me hire?

Apploi helps employers hire both clinical and non-clinical staff. You can use Apploi to manage applicants for any position. The platforms can verify medical certifications for common roles, including CNAs, RNs, LPNs, OTs, OTAs, PTs, PTAs, SLPs, veterinarians, and vet techs.

What is the best healthcare staffing software?

Apploi is the only staffing software on the market that is designed specifically for healthcare employers. As a part of this focus, Apploi offers medical credentialing, job distribution to healthcare-specific websites, and customer support from healthcare professionals.

What’s the difference between an ATS and a job board?

A job board is a site that hosts job posts. Typically, candidates can submit applications directly from the job board. By contrast, an ATS will collect and sort applications that come in through different job sites. An ATS is usually only used by people involved by hiring—not by candidates themselves.