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COMBAT CHURN with Apploi’s Employee Referrals

Candidates referred by current employees stay 70% longer than other employees. Find candidates who stick around for the long haul with Apploi’s Employee Referral platform.


Tap Into Your Most Valuable Resource

With Apploi’s Employee Referrals, your team can fill positions faster, increase new hire retention, and reward employees for bringing in successful candidates. Accelerate your recruitment marketing strategy and leverage your current employees with a tool built to hire qualified candidates quickly.

Increase New Hire Retention

The difference in how long employees stay between referral and non-referral hires is significant, with 50% of all referral employees staying in their position for at least three years. Apploi’s Employee Referrals encourages current employees to promote and share open roles to their network.

Fill Positions Faster

Referred candidates are 55% faster to hire, compared with employees sourced through career sites. Empower your employees to recruit within their network with in-app referrals and customized referral links that can be shared via social, text, and email. Employees and recruiters alike will be incentivized to fill roles quickly with a referral tracker that shows who has been referred, hired, and bonuses earned.

Reward Your Employees

Give current employees incentives with bonuses awarded when roles are filled by their referrals. Bonuses and gift cards can be automatically created based on the waiting periods and amount set in your referral policy, with automated bonus reports and alerts.

Get quality applicants faster