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You’re recruiting staff to meet urgent demands. You need these vacancies filled now, not in the distant future. The Apploi platform helps you get healthcare talent in the door faster than ever. From dialysis centers to mental health services, Apploi helps customers attract and engage the best candidates while also setting new hires up for success.

Other Industries
Faster Hiring

Faster Hiring

Spend less time manually distributing job posts. With Apploi, your job is sent to all the top job sites with a single click. Convert more job-seekers into active candidates with 1-click apply, and speed up your hiring process internally with shared interview calendars and applicant notes.

Credential and Employee Management

Credential and Employee Management

Keep track of licenses, credentials, training, and vaccinations from one platform. Get clarity on your employees’ work readiness by viewing analytics on your entire organization, or on the status of a single workplace or employee. Send vaccine and license renewal reminders from the Apploi platform.

Digital Record-keeping

Digital Record-keeping

Maintain records on your current and former candidates. Easily reconnect with top candidates from previous rounds of recruiting when they’re most likely to be pursuing new opportunities. Effortlessly transition applicants into your talent tracking system, with no need for re-entering information across multiple platforms.


Better Onboarding

Get standard paperwork out of the way well before your new hire’s first day of work with Apploi’s streamlined digital onboarding. Send new employees position-specific onboarding packets at the time of offer, and use your in-person training time to cover more interesting issues.

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