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Faygee Morgenshtern is the CEO of People Powered Nursing, a service group specializing in all aspects of healthcare management and operations. People Powered Nursing offers deep review and analysis of employee operations within healthcare organizations, helping each workplace run more smoothly for administrators and nurses alike. 

As a leader in healthcare management and one of Apploi’s very first customers, Faygee is well-versed in how to implement new healthcare administration solutions and monitor their success. We spoke with Faygee about her work, the state of healthcare management, and how People Powered Nursing and Apploi work together to help organizations thrive. 

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Can you briefly describe the mission of People Powered Nursing?

At People Powered Nursing, we ensure our facilities are set up to scale their people operations. We focus on their employees, so they can focus on their residents. With strategy, process, and implementation consulting services, we enable people operations to scale to effectively support and enhance business and growth. We can help facilities see higher performance and employee satisfaction, lower turnover, and reduced costs.

What are the major challenges currently facing healthcare management? 

The obvious one is staffing, hands down. I must add that I have seen that facilities that have stronger recruitment and retention efforts and more efficient hiring practices in place have been able to better overcome these challenges. Apploi has helped us tremendously with being able to accommodate automating and streamlining so much of the day-to-day processes that it has significantly improved how we hire, how fast, and how many.

How does your work with People Powered Nursing affect the individual nurses who are working in the industry today? 

We see clinical staff like nurses and CNAs having more opportunities now more than ever. It’s like a race, whoever can hire faster and smarter wins! With Apploi, our turnaround times for new hires went from an average of 2+ weeks down to 3 days. Our candidate flow and oversight of how we post and track open positions has dramatically improved, as Apploi gives us great insight and analytics. We are easily able to see trends, performance, and compliance across all the facilities we work with.

We also took a lot of time to focus on existing staff and ensure we improve retention and decrease turnover. At times, facilities spend a lot of time, effort, and money on one but not the other, and it has them falling short—i.e., focusing on hiring but not retention efforts. By focusing on both recruitment and retention at the same time, it allows for ensuring facilities are able to hire and retain a stronger workforce.

How has the pandemic affected your work? Any changed priorities? 

For us, there has been a major focus on having our team hone in on overseeing recruitment and daily scheduling. By ensuring strong systems and processes are in place, we are able to help make sure our facilities are working smarter and more proactively. 

How did you hear about Apploi, and why did you decide to try our service? 

In 2018 another vendor introduced me to Adam Lewis, CEO of Apploi. Adam showed me something that was new but smart, innovative, and super simple to use. I signed up the facilities I was working with at that time, knowing we were one of the first customers. It didn’t matter, as they were willing to support us with ongoing improvements to their product based on our needs and recommendations. I knew this was going to be revolutionary! Since then, it is a product I ensure is implemented at all the facilities we work with. Apploi has remained consistent with their mission and focus on customer support. It hasn’t changed because they grew, it only continues to get even better.

How has Apploi helped you to overcome your challenges? 

Apploi has given us excellent performance and increased productivity in all areas related to recruiting, hiring, and onboarding. The best example I can give to prove how effective Apploi has been was back in November of 2020. We dealt with 11 facilities on union strike, simultaneously, during the pandemic! Apploi was instrumental in allowing us to recruit, hire, and onboard 300+ employees in a matter of days. 

What results have you seen using Apploi? 

Our facilities have saved thousands of dollars with Apploi in place, as opposed to each facility managing its own recruitment. We have been able to implement strong, effective, and efficient processes to ensure our facilities work smarter, not harder. We ensure candidates go through the Apploi pipeline in the fastest time, allowing us to see fantastic results. Even more so, we have saved a tremendous amount of valuable time by automating processes that were previously manual and very tedious. 

What do you see as Apploi’s greatest benefit or most useful feature? 

The bulk text messaging within Apploi has been a game-changer for us! We have seen a dramatic increase in response time using text messaging. Apploi allows us to automate so much of that. 

The ability to post a job in one place and have candidates from over 80 job boards streamlined, interviewed, hired, and onboarded all from within the Apploi platform has been instrumental in changing how we recruit and hire. It has allowed us to see significant improvements in performance and productivity. 

I also love the new Onboard & Manage Teams product. It’s amazing how much more insight it will allow us to have, specifically on onboarding and compliance, once implemented. I’m most excited about having secure electronic files instead of tedious paper ones! 

How do People Powered Nursing’s mission and Apploi’s work connect with each other? 

Finding effective and efficient platforms that are simple to use is our number one priority when implementing new products. We love products that continue to innovate and are healthcare-specific. Apploi has continued to support our facilities tremendously on so many levels. Thank you Apploi for all that you do! 


Apploi is on a mission to help healthcare hire, onboard, and retain staff more successfully through smart job distribution, digital credential management, streamlined onboarding, and reducing turnover. With automatically created digital employee records and up-to-date credential analytics, we make it easier to keep your staff work-ready, whether you’re a team of tens or hundreds.

Interested in learning more about how you can recruit, hire, and onboard healthcare staff quickly? Contact us today for a free demo of our end-to-end solution.