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Centralized Recruitment

Manage Talent from One Platform

Make it easy for your team to recruit and hire together, even while juggling other duties.
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Everything You Need to Build a Centralized Hiring Process

Reduce Frustration With Simplified Communication

Make hiring easy and enjoyable for everyone involved.

With unlimited texts and emails, you can keep candidates in the loop and stay in touch through every stage of the journey.

Easily save your message templates, and automatically tailor them for each applicant. Go even further by automating communications for common touchpoints like interviews, offers, and background checks.

A Platform Everyone On Your Team Can Use

Whether you work with one community or hundreds, you can centralize your recruiting process. Invite any member of your team to work through Apploi’s platform, so you can collaborate without chaos.

With role-based user permissions, you decide which team members can view applications, schedule interviews, manage schedules, and move candidates along.

Understand Your Performance With Advanced Success Metrics

Using Apploi’s reporting dashboard, you can monitor hiring across all your locations. Find out how long it takes you to schedule an interview, fill a role, or extend an offer.

Track hiring metrics for your whole organization, or focus in on metrics for a single location—or even a single recruiter.

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We quadrupled the amount of applicants that we were getting, while we were spending a fraction of the cost.

Yaakov K

Every team member on Apploi’s side understands where the last one left off. That has made the customer experience very helpful.

Ari Stawis

My favorite feature is the text feature. We have not been able to reach so many people in real-time with any other system.

Robin ManigaultHR Director, Aventura Health Group

One time I posted an ad and didn't get a lot of hits. Someone from Apploi called me and said 'Hey, I noticed you're not getting a lot of resumes.' They suggested I reword it to make it more attractive to the candidate, and I thought that was amazing that they called me.

Shoshana EpsteinCOO, Genesis Renal Care

We use Apploi to keep track of the hundreds of applicants from different job posts. Historically, we would send a lot of emails back and forth but we lost a lot of insight and context this way. Now we have one easy, centralized location to handle all of the hiring and onboarding process.

Yosef MendelsbergVP of Operations, Onyx Procurement Solutions

What I like about Apploi is that it is simple. I love that you can have pre-populated emails, text messages, even job descriptions so when you’re writing a job ad, you can pull it from the templates that you’ve created.

Kristin McBrideCorporate Director of Communication & Employee Development, Panacea Health Corp Company

Connect Your Software for One Staffing Ecosystem

Job Board Partnerships

Apploi partners with dozens of leading job sites, including Indeed, ZipRecruiter, MyCNAjobs, and HireNurses to automatically distribute open positions.

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Shift Management With OnCall

OnCall, Apploi’s integrated shift management platform, lets you see and schedule shifts for your whole staff—whether they’re full-time, part-time, or temporary.

Discover in-platform shift management

FAQs About Our Centralized Recruitment Platform

What is a centralized recruitment process?

In a centralized recruiting process, all recruiting is managed by a single person or team. This overseeing group or individual is able to see, understand, and make decisions about hiring for their entire organization.

What’s the difference between centralized and decentralized recruitment?

Centralized recruiting means a single person or group manages all recruiting, while decentralized recruiting means that different departments or teams manage their recruiting individually. In most decentralized recruiting models, managers have to balance recruiting with their other responsibilities. In a centralized recruiting process, it’s more likely that one person (or a few people) will be hired specifically to recruit new workers.

What are the different types of recruitment?

The two most important types of recruitment are internal recruiting and external recruiting. Internal recruiting happens when companies focus on hiring and promoting workers who are already employees in their company. By contrast, external recruiting focuses on finding completely new employees. Most organizations use both internal and external recruiting to fill openings.