Optimize Your Screening with Accurate Background Checks

Through Apploi’s partnership with Accurate, you can effortlessly manage background checks within our recruiting platform with just a few clicks.


Why Accurate

Accurate background checks give companies the confidence to make smarter, unbiased hiring decisions quickly. Experience a new standard of support with a dedicated team, comprehensive technology and insight, and an extensive coverage and search options to advance your business while keeping your brand and people safe.

Connect with Accurate

Drug and Health Screening

Manage a wide variety of drug testing and occupational health services, including vaccinations, titers and TB testing, as well as expanded drug panel options.

National Practitioner Bank Check

Identify negative information on healthcare practitioners, including malpractice awards, loss of license or exclusion from participation in Medicare or Medicaid that could expose you to liability claims.

Abuse Registry Search

Determine if your candidate is on a state’s registered list for reported child or elder abuse.

Healthcare Sanctions & Exclusions Check

Remain compliant and reduce risk by identifying individuals that have been sanctioned or excluded from participating in federal and state healthcare programs.