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ASSISTED and senior living

Recruiters at assisted living and senior living communities are struggling. In an industry with high rates of turnover and a shortage of talent, employers are competing for a small group of qualified candidates. Apploi can help staff your community quickly, even when times are hard.

Assisted Living
Faster Hiring For Your Senior Living Community

Faster Hiring For Your Senior Living Community

Handle the competitive hiring landscape with confidence. Bring new nurses, caregivers, and other staff into your community faster so you can continue providing excellent care, even while navigating a talent shortage and the pressures of the COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Career branding senior living

Career Branding For Your Community

Rise above the noise with job post branding that’s specific to your organization. Become a recognizable employer with consistent, professional job posts and career pages. Build a reputation for strong communication and efficient hiring processes, making it more likely that former candidates will refer friends to your community.

Digital Record-keeping

Digital Record-keeping

With Apploi’s digital record-keeping, seamlessly transition application materials into digital staff records. Use this central file repository to search for caregiver’s credentials, monitor vaccination status, send renewal reminders, and monitor work-readiness across all your communities. Plus, retain records on past candidates for future reference.


Strategic Retention

Strengthen your retention efforts with robust digital onboarding, a simplified paperwork process, and greater oversight into employee readiness. Understand which caregivers need help getting prepared to work, and maintain notes on talent files to help reduce turnover.

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