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Apploi recently hosted a hiring webinar to focus on how brands can prepare for an uncertain future, especially when it comes to recruitment. The discussion, in partnership with American Dream and Mall of America, featured Apploi CEO Adam Lewis, American Dream Co-CEO Mark Ghermezian, and WPP CEO of The Store WPP, EMEA, and Asia, David Roth. The following article captures part of their conversation about how brands, in a super competitive hiring market, can streamline the process for job seekers.


As a result of the pandemic, retail companies and brands are confronting an ongoing sea of change. Hiring well, and fast, matters more than ever. As employers recruit new and past candidates, they must come to terms with everything that has changed since February.

Job seekers have new expectations

“Coming through this pandemic, wellness is the key concern,” says Apploi CEO Adam Lewis. “This is not just a nice to have anymore, it’s a must..”

After wellness, job seekers have a few other key expectations. Lewis identified these common sentiments during the hiring webinar conversation:

  • Candidates want more from a job than just money: healthcare benefits, education and training, and additional perks
  • They expect easy access to job boards and open positions, including constantly updated communication from the hiring company
  • They are looking for flexible shifts
  • They want hiring managers to focus on career progression

Lewis adds: “I think a job seeker is probably the most vulnerable and needs transparency and structure more than ever. That transparency will go a very, very long way.”

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What companies can do to streamline hiring and recruiting

As companies focus on hiring and recruiting for the rest of 2020, embracing new technological tools will be essential. This is especially true in the retail sector. “To do a lot of this stuff well, technology is going to need to be adopted,” says Lewis. “We’ve probably fast-forwarded adoption of technology by ten years, just in the last 2 months.”

There are a few ways you can update your hiring processes to help in this environment.

  • Focus on your career sites, job titles, and job descriptions
  • Remove any frictions in the application process: make everything as seamless as possible
  • Embrace mobile recruiting, hiring, and onboarding
  • Use modern communication forms like texting and video
  • Digitize all your documentation and onboarding forms. This can speed up the time-to-hire by over 80%.

As Lewis concludes in the hiring webinar: “As you’re starting to think about reopening and rehiring, putting in some of these strategies now, everything from the messaging to the workflow, is really going to be absolutely critical.”

Watch the whole Apploi webinar on hiring and preparing your brand for the future. And here are some more expert links related to the big changes impacting the retail industry right now:

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